Perry Glasser

The Wizards

In Business, Economics, Finance, Personal Finance on September 19, 2008 at 2:35 pm

Much of the reason we are in an economic pickle and entering dark times is that the financial community has a vested interest in keeping people ignorant of matters financial and economic.  The more mysterious and complex money matters seem, the more alleged “experts” can charge for financial advice. The more arcane the advice, the more customers will pay.
Call them the wizards.

The Wizards’ Game

Wizard at Work

Wizard at Work

Financial Wizards are neither great, wise, powerful, omniscient, nor benevolent. They are in fact petty, frightened men engaged in a grand deception. 
Many public schools offer driver’s education, sex education, and hygiene, yet far fewer schools offer education about credit management, how to balance a checkbook, or basic investing. There is a reason for that omission: a financially ignorant public is a far more lucrative customer base for the wizards.
Financial wizards create an air of mastery with invented rhetoric, jargon and biz-buzz that create fever in the wallet. Some of these rhetorical dodges become so overwhelming, that the wizards themselves start to believe them.

Good Sense

The only remedy to self-deceiving wizards who find profit in keeping us ignorant is for us to draw back the curtain. Ignorance leaves us in peril.

Dollar$ is about good sense.   

                                                                                                            — Perry Glasser


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