Perry Glasser

Weasels Triumphant

In Business, Economy, Politics, Wall Street on September 29, 2008 at 7:20 pm

The gang of weasels who run the US are leaderless.
Georgie Bush today could not marshal sufficient Republicans to endorse an alleged bipartisan bailout of the financial industry. In a parliamentary system, unable to govern, Georgie would have been forced to call for elections a while ago, and he’d have been out on his keister. We’d have found someone—anyone—to replace the current president. Superior candidates abound in Leavenworth, Attica, Angola, or Dannemora.
Georgie, however, need not resign. Dollar$ is happy to keep him around.
Yes, happy!
While Georgie’s place in American history beside Herbert Hoover is assured, Dollar$ happily observes that as long as Georgie hangs on, we can avoid President Dick Cheney. Even if we somehow forced a package deal and was rid of the Oil Patch Twins, our laws would have gifted us with the Speaker if the House, Democratic weasel, Nancy Pelosi.
This afternoon, with the economy of the United States in the balance, Weasel Pelosi had the high purpose and exquisite judgment to piss-off just about everyone within earshot. With the vote about to be taken, standing before the House of Representatives, she said, “Democrats believe in the free market, which can and does create jobs, wealth, and capital, but left to its own devices it has created chaos. …Democrats insisted that legislation responding to this crisis must protect the American people and Main Street from the meltdown on Wall Street.”
For an experienced weasel, this has to an act of deliberate sabotage. Poking a stick in the eye of Republicans is not the best strategy to make things work. Weasels themselves, incapable of allowing bygones be bygones, 12 Republican “Yeas” converted themselves to 12 “Nays.”
While Weasel Pelosi gets to point at the Bad Republicans while vaulting Obama into the White House, this bit of political strategy sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average into the crapper. What matter? So what if retirements are being delayed, college educations pushed out of reach, jobs immolated…for weasels, all that matters is power.
Weasels are about as subtle as a brick hurled through plate glass.

  1. What’s this financial crisis all about? Some of us ignorant on the latest look to you for guidance. We look for explanations of the latest news here on Dollar$. Call out the weasels! Keep posting!

  2. A nation deliberately kept ignorant of financial matters can be sold and told all matter of bunk. We are like strangers in a strange land dependent on lying translators.
    Yet all of us are enmeshed in economic matters. There are no options about participating in economic life, no dropping out, no decision to withdraw from economic reality. Economics comes up to bite you on the ass. Your job vanishes, the price of food and gasoline soar, retirement and education savings vanish, and goods become expensive because the value of the dollar has been shredded.
    Even those of us who can or want to advise and understand cannot do so when the generally available information is crap. Two weeks before Wachovia near failed but found a buyer to rescue it from insolvency, Robert Steel, CEO on TV informed millions how sound his bank was. He underestimated the bank’s exposure to bad loans by 75%. The CEO is paid to know, and if Cramer on Mad Money is about to interview you, you show up armed with facts–not lies, wishes and spin.
    We’ve been taken to the precipice by Wizards, Buccaneers and Weasels, all of whom have had our trust; many have betrayed us. They should have known better–and we are now obliged for our own sakes and the sakes of our children to know better.
    Bucanners, Wizards and Weasels have mortgaged America to line their pockets and to wage war on shepherds, while a population deliebrately kept ignorant of basic financial matters has had its economy immolated by honorless leadership.
    Dollar$ hopes to remedy the ignorance.

  3. That’s a mongoose, not a weasel. Completely unrelated.

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