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The Citizen mentality that has people collapsing in a stupor at the mention of stock markets, national budgets, and finance is a deliberate failure of American education. Bottom line: the powerbrokers who are the Wizards, Weasels, and Buccaneers that run the financial system do not want you to understand the bottom line.

If Citizens understood basic economic concepts, Wizards would never collect fees from Citizens for financial advice, nor could they develop lucrative investment vehicles whose failure bankrupt the world economy.

Government Official

Weasels would never get re-elected if Citizens understood the outrageous policies made into law to benefit Buccaneers and Weasels.

Buccaneers would not be able to siphon 50% of all wealth into the pockets of 5% of the US population.

Well, that has nothing to do with you, right?

The US job market has sucked for five years. If you enjoy pouring coffee, flipping burgers, or saying “Hi!” at Wal-Mart, this is not a problem, but some of us imagine life should be more fulfilling. We are now hearing about the economy “being in a downturn,” which means little more than economic activity has slowed.

People are spending less, investing less. Things are crappy.

Wait.  Did I write “people?”

I meant big business. You will hear about “consumer confidence,” but that is just so much bull.

Take Apple Computer, please.

Practically a cult among youth, Apple is capitalized as the richest company in the world.  A few weeks ago, Apple had more cash on hand than the United States government, a mere $76 billion.

That cash is doing nothing in Apple’s pocket.  They get the same interest you and I do, so they don’t put it in the bank. That’s too small a return. Apple Corporation pays no dividends to shareholders.  If they did, shareholders might get crazy and buy something, throw a birthday party, pay for a wedding, take a cruise—that is, increase economic activity.

If Apple and other large businesses sit on their assets, economic activity diminishes, things get more crappy, they can pay labor less, sell more products, keep more money, decrease more economic activity….

If you are living terrified of losing your job, when you get laid off anyway, be sure to remember that macroeconomics has nothing to do with you.

Not much, anyway