Perry Glasser


In Business, Economics, Economy, EDUCATION, Finance, Personal Finance, Politics, Wall Street on August 10, 2011 at 7:32 am

A nation deliberately kept ignorant of financial matters can be sold and told all matter of bunk. We are like strangers in a strange land dependent on lying translators.
Yet all of us are enmeshed in economic matters. There are no options about participating in economic life, no dropping out, no decision to withdraw from economic reality. Economics comes up to bite you on the ass. Your job vanishes, the price of food and gasoline soar, retirement and education savings vanish, and goods become expensive because the value of the dollar has been shredded.
Even those of us who can or want to advise and understand cannot do so when the generally available information is crap.
We’ve been taken to the precipice by Wizards, Buccaneers and Weasels, all of whom have had our trust; many have betrayed us. They should have known better–and we are now obliged for our own sakes and the sakes of our children to know better.

Wants Your Vote

Captain of Industry

Earned $500,000 in bonus money!







Bucanners, Wizards and Weasels have mortgaged America to line their pockets and to wage war on shepherds, while a population deliebrately kept ignorant of basic financial matters has had its economy immolated by honorless leadership.

Dollar$ hopes to remedy the ignorance.

–written in 2008



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