Perry Glasser


In Business, Economics, Economy, EDUCATION, Finance, Personal Finance, Politics, Wall Street on August 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm

Money and horseshit, my father used to like to say, both stink and are equally worthless unless spread around.

Evidently, the Wall Street Journal knows a good idea when it reads it in Dollar$.

On August 7th Dollar$ noted that Apple Corporation, purveyors of technology and music to the under-16 set, was sitting on a $73 billion dollars in cash, paid no dividends, and so, effectively, was siphoning money out the economy.

Four days after the Dollar$ post, the  Journal,  Wall Street’s biggest apologist, noted that corporations are sitting on $1.2 trillion dollars. The Journals scribe mentions, “Yet the validation of companies’ conservatism may ultimately be bad news for the economy.”

Do you think???

You’ll remember Scrooge McDuck, Donald’s skin-flint uncle who liked money more than anything. He kept it in a bin and comforted himself by counting the stuff.

The next time some  Weasel urges Citizens to spend a few dollars for the sake of the economy, tell them to take a flying leap into  McDuck’s bin.

American Corporate Life

with apologies and thanks to Walt Disney Co.


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