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In Business on October 9, 2011 at 9:39 am

The moronic apologists of the Establishment press dismiss the nation-wide flashmob called Occupy Wall Street with the same  attitudes that greeted vehement anti-war protestors, the Civil Rights Movement, and the earliest stirrings of Second Wave Feminism in the 1970s.

The pundit attitudes are contemptible and contemptuous, the sure sign of Establishment panic. Evidently, knowledge of recent history is no prerequisite for drawing salary from a major newspaper. Either that, or shame has these apologists tongue-tied: what can you say when  people make an ethical demand, they are right, and if your bosses change their ways it might cost them power? If you write that, you’ll be out on the street on your keister, and everyone knows that traditional journalism is something less than a growth industry.

The desperate logic goes like this: Wall Street Activists are patronized and characterized as “naïve”  for having no program. Like spoiled children, since the movement has no program, it cannot be taken seriously: after all, with no program, there is no compromise possible. They are leaderless: to whom should the powers that be (PTB) talk?  Better to dismiss the whole nightmare. With luck, they will get bored and it will go away.

It isn’t going away.

From New York City, the idea has spread like contagion to other cities where 3rd rate columnists and local hacks make the same complaints: Do they really have to block traffic? Where are they going to the bathroom? Does anyone think carrying signs and amorphous demands will change anything?

Only Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vehement, loud, obtrusive, inconvenient protesters do not write legislation. They  do not negotiate with Evil. They occupy lunch counters. They ride buses to bring pressure to bear on elected officials to do their jobs. They put themselves in harms way until shame grips elected leaders.

If your name is Gandhi, you do not negotiate.

Liberty is not parceled out in increments. Compromise with PTB is to enter a corrupt system. When just demands are made; nothing less than justice will do. You block traffic. You get arresed. You fill the jails.

If your name is Thomas Paine or Thomas Jefferson or Samuel Adams, or Benjamin Franklin, you negotiate only so long. The tactic of every radical movement is the same: evacuate the middle. Make reason and compromise untenable positions. Demand immediate radical,  permanent change.

And on Wall Street?

The world economy has been wrecked. The prosperity that brought peace toIrelandhas vanished.Iceland is broke.Greeceis tottering. Portugal is on the brink. Retirement funds everywhere are bankrupt.

Make no mistake, in an effort to squeeze out one more dime, Wall Street has declared war on the world, yet not a single Wall Street Buccaneer has been indicted, not a single Wizard is in prison, and Weasel apologists continue to dismiss demands for justice as inchoate.

Here is a platform. No compromise is needed.

Jail the bastards.