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In Business, Economics, Finance, Political Economy, Politics on December 28, 2012 at 6:12 pm

A weasel ain’t nothin’ but a weasel, so the uninitiated to Dollar$ might want to read how and why weasels are what they are.

Yellow MongooseRed Weasels and Blue Weasels will say or do anything to be re-elected, as re-election is a weasel’s only purpose in life. Consider that the weasel at the left is actually a mongoose, and you will get the idea. Click on the little bugger and get educated.

Truth, honor, or good sense – puhhleeeze.  That’s for the rest of us. Like paying for medical insurance. Or paying into social security.  Not for weasels.

Since weasels are terrified of any and all decisions, some time ago Red and Blue weasels delayed making crucial decisions by putting off necessary tax increases and reductions.

Jan 1, 2013 was far away and waaaaaay after the nearest election.

Elections came and went. Like Rumplestilskin, the date is now at the door, demanding it be honored.

Free sample of Depends are being handed out on the steps of Congress.

Every Citizen with an IQ higher than a carrot’s knows what needs to be done. This is a budget negotiation, which means it is about numbers. Try it with your fourth grader. “Name a number between 4 and 6?”

Weasels cannot fathom this, not because arithmetic is a mystery, but because weasels know that the Citizens who want 4 will hate them for conceding 5, while the Citizens who favor 6 will be sick with loathing at the idea of 5.

Weasels in a no-win situation tap-dance faster than pigeons in electrified cages.

Any action Weasels take can be retroactive to January 1, so all this Press talk about a cliff is the usual terror spread to make us tune in again later.  The only other news seems to be snow in December and that God is back on the sidelines cheering for Notre Dame.

It might take weeks to do the Weasel Dance. The only consequence of delay will be screwed Citizens who can no longer collect unemployment insurance, a few veterans, and other vulnerable folk for whom cash in hand is not always a certain thing.

Dollar$ is happy to explain.

What is a tax increase on December 31, will be a tax reduction on January 2. Weasels of all colors will, therefore, trumpet victory.



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