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Karl Rove and the Walking Dead

In Economics, Economy, Rupert Murdoch, Wall Street Journal on February 16, 2013 at 12:27 pm
Karl Christian Rogue

Karl Rogue
No one knows what he was measuring.

Will someone please give Karl Rove a moment of clarity so he can finally grasp that his party lost?

Sorry, Karl, the bus left the station and you were not on it. Maybe you need new meds?  I offer the suggestion in friendship. Look around–you are in an office: that’s not the West Wing.

You have to stop practicing Zombie Politics.  Your ideas may be animated, but they are soulless, staggering, and only frighten children.

Rove and other Republican-hangers-on had a fair run for a generation, it is true. The Weasel Right waged successful class warfare by cooking up a stew of ideologies that garnered enough votes to elect a Parade of Stooges of the Rich able to parrot notions such as Trickle Down Economics without blushing.

Never mind that figures showed that the rich were getting richer, the poor poorer, and the heralded marginal investment that would be the engine of growth never materialized.

Cheek by jowl, the Christian Right, which might have been expected to heed Jesus Christ and engage in charity toward the poor and the weak, had been ushered into bed with the Weasel Right. The unnatural pairing saw a host of social issues that have nothing to do with social policy in a republic like ours become the bedrock of the Weasel Right coalition. Citizens know those issues were wearing thin.

Terrified of the Military

Weasel masquerading as a Mongoose

Lightning did not smite San Francisco, New York, Massachusetts, or other places that practiced tolerance and legalized same sex marriages. Americans lost no sleep worrying about the nice couple down the block who were  quietly committing sodomy in the privacy of their homes. Calls for smaller government rang more and more hollow beside calls for big government intervention in the bedrooms of Citizens.

If we cannot govern banks, at least we can monitor the uterus of a teenage girl in East St. Louis, right Karl?

For a professional weasel-apologist, there is no greater trauma than learning that the electorate is no longer buying last year’s bullcrap. Being a weasel-hanger-on is bad enough, but being a weasel with nothing to sell is a kind of death we would not wish on a zombie.

Karl!  It’s over.

On Valentine’s Day, Rove the Rogue and Weasel Hit Man did an analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union address. Since Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal would rather die than report good economic news while a Democratic Weasel is in office, the growing economy, the revitalization of housing, the uptick in merger and acquisitions, the record-high Dow Jones average, and other signs of four successful years of a presidency that saw Citizens voting for four more years of the same, they gave the Rogue some space to babble non-sequiturs.

Rove notes that Obama’s proposals were “liberal, stale, …, and often counterproductive.”

Well, geez, Karl, this is a speech, not legislation, and as soon as you get your head out of Weasel Fantasyland, may we hope you will notice that the President was re-elected by your fellow Citizens hoping for progressive change? That was a majority of your fellow citizens. That’s how our republic works.

Counterproductive? Well, yes, if you think the goal of government is to assist the Rich in destroying the Poor, Dollar$ supposes a liberal agenda would seem counterproductive.

Karl Rogue believes that Obama’s hope for good, middle-class jobs is a “flimsy” line; you’d think the guy was criticizing poetry. And he protests that anything positive in the past four years is “despite the Obama administration” an astonishing claim for a commentator who spent the first two years of the Obama administration claiming all good things were coming from the Bush administration. Some presidents are powerful; some muddle through. In Rogueland, results and reality matter far less than ideology. He also complains that Obama’s claim for deficit reduction is too high—an oddity insofar as Rogue doesn’t dispute that the reduction is, in fact, a reduction.

Best of all, while twisting in the wind trying to find an issue, any issue, Rogue lists the initiatives that will cost the richest nation on earth money (read “the Rich.”)

  • Subsidies for research into wind, solar, and geothermal power
  • Research into electric, biofuel, and natural gas powered cars
  • The redesign of America’s high schools
  • Mortgage relief (let’s get the poor out in the streets where they belong!)
  • Funds for mapping the brain
  • Fighting disease
  • Promoting advanced manufacturing
  • Federal aid for preschools

Oh the Horror!

Maybe American treasure would be better spent plundering public land for oil wells?

There are more, but Dollar$ grows weary of pointing out what Rogue seems to have missed:


 Puling notions of what we can, or cannot, afford mean only that Rogue and his ilk have different priorities.

Maybe they will find themselves a war to suck money from America? That usually works.

Eat the rich.

  1. My only question; what do you have against weasels? Poor little mammals just trying to live their lives…

    Via iPhone

    I’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one.

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