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dollar20signWhat??!!!   Dollar$ thinks I need instruction on spending??? Madness.”

Well, yes and no. (Readers in search of a financial education will often see this wishy-washy maybe yes-and-no stuff; Dollar$ seeks to give unequivocal principles, usually. After that, Bunky, you are on your own, an independent Citizen, free to make your own choices).

Celebrity-Consumer Culture

The US is in the death-grip of consumer culture. Many of us know people who travel abroad and report other places feel “different.” Dollar$ suggests the difference people feel is relief from the unrelenting pressure of American marketing.

  • We buy stuff to feel good about ourselves;
  • We measure status by what we own;
  • We raise our kids striving to give them the best we can afford;
  • We wear clothes with status labels on the outside;
  • We fall in love with cars, cellphones, sexy kitchen appliances, computers, and fashion;
  • We care less about the achievement of celebrities than about the details of their lives, who they marry, how much they lost on a diet, how they raise their kids. Talent? Puhleeeaze…

America drifts on a sea of marketing and ads that like can rise up like a rogue wave to overwhelm us with false desires. No flat surface in America exists that marketers will not transform to ad space—the sides of buses, t-shirts, the seats of sweatpants, taxi-cabs, product placement in films, lunchboxes in elementary school. Dollar$ recommendation:

 Resist Celebrity-Consumer Culture.



Never go “shopping.” Buy stuff, but a journey to spend money is never a recreation.

THERE IS VERY LITTLE FOR SALE IN A MALL YOU CANNOT DO WITHOUT. A mall is a Temple of Consumerism, designed and conceived to separate you from your money.

Turn off your TV. Read a book. Play a sport—don’t watch it. Go for a walk in the woods. Play with your pet. Love people, not things.

If it is not food, clothing or shelter, you don’t need it. Even those necessities are only needed in moderation. We are fat, we have more clothing than anyone could reasonably wear, we lust to live in McMansions.

To modify your spending habits, modify your life.

Learn to feel good while keeping your wallet closed.




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