Perry Glasser


PERRY GLASSER is a long-time observer and commentator on Wall Street and personal finance, having covered the finance and technology beats for several magazines. A professional writer, he was educated at the University of Arizona and at Wharton. He earns his bread by teaching and writing.
He does not recommend investments, so don’t even ask. Generally, such requests reduce to, “How do I get rich quick?” and his answer is always the same, “Put it all on red and if you win, let it ride!”
The mission of this blog is to educate readers to see through the smoke of rhetoric blown at them by alleged professionals, most of whom are also sales people. If you’ve ever paid for financial advice and found you were enduring a sales pitch for life insurance, you know what I mean.
Dollar$ entries will be either educational or commentary about current events.
If you have a topic you’d like to see explored beyond what you find here, by all means, suggest it.

Perry Glasser

  1. Perry: Congratulations on a terrific new blog! Needless to say, your timing is spot-on. I’ll be reading hence to get your insights. Thanks for some good perspectives so far! All best luck.

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